NYS Senate Democratic Proposed Budget

The NYS Senate budget proposals reflect our Lobby Day asks, including:

            Increase funding equitably for section 4201 schools, 4410 programs, 853 and Special Act schools, including $4 million for the Excessive Teacher Turnover Prevention program, $25 million in capital investments for 853 schools, $5 million for short-term deferred maintenance projects for 4201 schools, and $18 million for 853 schools and 4410 programs to reduce the compensation gap;

            Reject deferring the scheduled Human Services Cost of Living Adjustment for healthcare workers.

            Modify the Executive’s $500 million capital allocation for Essential Health Care Providers that includes $50 million for Montefiore Medical Center and $30 million for community based providers to increase the amount available for Community Health Care providers to $125 million and include an additional set aside of $50 million for developmental disability providers.

            Increase salaries for direct support professionals overseen by the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities- $45 million

Click on the link below for the full budget proposal

pdf Budget Proposal Reflects Lobby Day Asks (745 KB)



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