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The OPWDD “03 Amendment” includes a proposal that IAC presented to OPWDD and DOH over a year ago regarding the volatile costs of to/from transportation. The proposal was to pay to/from transportation prospectively based upon a budget, which is then reconciled. OPWDD countered with the fact that the to/from transportation rate is based on the CFR of one year prior instead of two years. In yet another example of the IAC motto “never say never”, the OPWDD team that negotiates with CMS took the IAC proposals to CMS, and thanks to a well-prepared presentation, CMS replied that they liked the two concepts; i.e., (1) all rates should be reflective of a more recent period, and (2) that for one year (2018/19) pay them to/from transportation prospectively based upon a budget submitted by the provider with a reconciliation at the end. Then, reverting back to the normal one-year re-basing, the plus or minus reconciliation will be blended into the actual costs reported on the 2017/18 CFR to create the 2019/20 transportation rate. The questions remain however as to the timing of paying the prospective rate and how quickly they can complete the review of the CFRs and establish (and pay) the 2019/20 rate.


The remaining challenge is to recover the actual cash expenses of 2017/18 which for many saw an increase of an average 25% because of the new transportation contracts in New York City. The IAC Fiscal Management Committee will discuss all the amendments at its next meeting on March 20th at 2:00 PM. Staff contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.