Richard began his career in 1973 “in the trenches” at the Fernald State School in Waltham, Massachusetts. Fernald was the Willowbrook of Massachusetts, but fortunately it was also at the beginning of the reform of how the country treated people with developmental disabilities.

Following his wife’s acting career to New York City in 1978, he became a case manager for what was then known as the Brooklyn Placement Unit, a division of the Metropolitan Placement Unit, working to coordinate community services for the Willowbrook Class members.

In 1981 Richard moved to the regional office located at Two World Trade Center where he continued to be part of the development of the incredible community services system in New York City and throughout NY State.

In 1993 he was lured away from State service to work for IAC, and has loved almost every minute working with the great people from IAC’s member agencies, as well as interacting with the OPWDD and SED Central and regional office staff.

Retirement is somewhere on the distant horizon.

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