The Board of Regents unanimously appointed Dr. Betty A. Rosa as permanent Commissioner of Education and President of the University of the State of New York, the first Latina woman to serve in the position, the State Education Department announced today. The Commissioner leads the Department and assists the Board of Regents and Department in carrying out its mission to raise the knowledge, skill and opportunity of all the people in New York. http://bit.ly/3ruhoxS

“I’ve known Dr. Rosa for decades and her breadth of experience, expertise and ability to work with all people make her the best choice to serve as Commissioner,” Chancellor Lester W. Young, Jr. said. “As Chancellor, Dr. Rosa earned the tremendous respect of the Board of Regents through her steadfast commitment to all New York’s students and collegial approach to our work. Through her career as an exceptional educator, leader, and innovator, she garnered the reverence of the education community. I look forward to continue working with Dr. Rosa to further advance our goal to achieve equity in education for all New Yorkers.”

“After an exhaustive search process, Dr. Rosa emerged as the most qualified and distinguished candidate to serve as the permanent Commissioner of Education and President of the University of the State of New York,” Vice Chancellor T. Andrew Brown said. “In every facet of her extraordinary career, Dr. Rosa has never wavered from her role as an advocate for equity for students and educators. Dr. Rosa stepped up and provided stability to the Department while it faced great challenges as a result of the pandemic, and I am grateful to have partnered with her during this unprecedented time.”

“The Department has undergone several transitions and challenges in the past year and a half which have allowed me to work more closely with the tremendous staff of the Department,” Commissioner Rosa said. “In this time, we have come together with the Board to face these challenges head on and I am honored to be able to continue our important work to benefit New York’s children and adults. Now more than ever, we must address the equity gaps our state faces and I am eager to partner with the Board and the education community to further these efforts.”