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Kudos to Ed Matthews from Adapt and Chris Treiber from IAC for their appearances in Arnold Diaz’s PIX 11 news story about the crisis in our Pre-schools.

The link is attached below and it is a good synopsis of how our schools are able to transform the lives of children ,the basics of teacher vacancies, and the jeopardy our system is in without concerted action to allocate more resources.

We will see how SED reacts, but a follow-up to the story should be coming.

One part of that follow up will be an event we are planning for Monday June 25th at 4 PM. The date and the time will pose problems for many as it is the last days of school, with graduations, people leaving for vacation, etc. The time is selected to best capture as many teachers (end of the day)and parents((many starting vacations). It is not an ideal time and some won’t make it, but after much deliberation, it seems to be the best available.

The event will take place at CUNY’s Graduate Center at 34 St. and 5 Ave. and…


As this story gains legs, we hope to capitalize on our connection to Arnold Diaz and PIX 11. We will invite key legislators and media as well to hear what we are seeing, a precipitous decline in your ability to live to your missions and serve children in need.

But we need you there with us!

The presence of parents and teachers is ideal, and the logistics of getting everyone there at 4 PM is a tall order. Still, to make this event a success we will need as many people as we can, showing the spirt of loud and proud advocacy.

We hope to provide the impetus for our elected officials to exert pressure where it’s needed, both in SED and even in NYC, Ed’s comments maybe striking a note locally. We will further structure this event as more of a town hall style gathering with calls from a couple of our teachers who struggle with incomes that do not respect their profession, parents who may not get a placement and have their child at home with little or no services and from the advocacy community with data that may capture and worry officials about the potential for legal action.

We will keep you posted as we develop the events of this day, but the presence of all who see a most troubled future should be a top priority.

Thank you all in advance.

Enjoy the story.


Thomas McAlvanah

Executive Director



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