The virtual rally for "Our kids are your kids" held on Wednesday, 2/17/2021, was emotional, informative and very much needed.

Many were touched by the challenges and experiences related by the parents.
Even elected officials, some of whom spoke at the end, felt the impact of these heartfelt stories.


Equity - Our children are publicly funded and should be treated the same as children attending public school - funding increases must be the same for our 4410 and 853 schools as public schools - digital equity = access to iPads/computer devices and Wi-Fi.

Access - Children in our schools have a right to a certified special education teacher.  The salary disparity between our teachers and public schools has grown so large it is impossible for our schools to recruit and retain certified teachers.

Quality Children in our schools are entitled to high-quality instruction and programs.  It is becoming increasingly difficult given the excessive teacher turn-over and the lack of adequate funding.