Dues Procedures

Each Spring, IAC begins to prepare its budget for its next fiscal year. In order to project IAC's income for the coming year, it is necessary for each member agency to complete the "Dues Preparation Form" which will be forwarded to them and return it to the IAC office by the date identified on the form. This form is not a bill and member agencies are asked not to include payment at this time. This is only the data by which IAC computes member dues for the next year. Member agencies will be billed on a regular invoice/statement in about six (6) weeks after submission of this form.
In order to permit IAC to complete the dues calculation process quickly and efficiently, please be aware of the following:
  1. List only funds from government sources listed on the calculation sheet.  Do not list any other government or privately-raised funds. For multi-purpose agencies, list only funds related to services for individuals with developmental disabilities  (e.g. child care agencies list only either, residential, Medicaid, special education or other revenues for individuals with developmental disabilities; not your foster care Medicaid or other funds.).
  2. Funds should be listed on the fiscal year requested by the Dues Preparation Form.  If your agency audit is not yet complete, report your unaudited figures to the best of your ability.

Dues Payments

Since a majority of IAC’s revenue is derived from our member agency dues, receiving these funds on time is vital to our operations. Annual IAC dues for each category of membership will be determined by the Board of Directors. For regular membership, IAC will distribute a Dues Preparation Form which will be used to calculate the dues for each regular member agency based upon their applicable income. If a member agency does not complete and return the form to IAC within the designated time frame, the following year’s dues will automatically be increased by 10%, not to exceed the maximum dues allowed at the time. 
According to IAC’s bylaws, the dues are due to be submitted to IAC by September 30th. Beyond that date, an agency will not be able to receive any benefits of IAC membership, including but not limited to: staff attending IAC trainings, agency representation at membership or committee meetings, receiving IAC newsletters, etc. If dues are received late, the following late fees will be imposed:
Up to 30 Days: 5%
31- 60 Days:10%
61- 90 Days:20%
If dues are not paid within 90 days of the due date, any member will have their membership status terminated and will have to re-apply for membership. If any member agency’s situation is such that meeting the September 30 deadline would present a hardship, they can contact the Executive Director by September 1 to discuss the situation and ask for an extension.