August 13, 2019 –Today, the Joint Commission on Public Ethics (“Commission”) launched new search function capabilities from its Lobbying Application (“LA”) as part of an ongoing effort to provide users with access to more and better information about lobbying in New York.

Users will now be able to conduct more specific searches within the Public Search Query by Lobbying Focus, which will allow them to search by lobbying  Activities (bills, resolutions, regulations and rate makings, and the like), including searching by bill number or description, to search lobbying reporting on the State and municipal levels, and also to search by Parties Lobbied (i.e., which lawmakers or agencies have been lobbied on a particular matter).

The attached document includes helpful tips for using these new search functions and includes screenshots of what your results will look like.  

Click to access PDF document on "How to search the PSQ" 

Getting Started

The Public Search Query is available on the JCOPE website at https://jcope.ny.gov/lobby-data-demand.

From the Lobby Data on Demand webpage:

  1. Click the ‘Search Filings’ button under the ‘2019 - 2020 Filings’ column to view the new interactive search.

Going Forward

We believe these functions will provide better data about lobbying efforts and improve the way users search for that information. Even as we roll out new functions, the system remains under development, so if you encounter any difficulties while conducting a search, we would like to hear about it. Please contact the Commission at (518) 408-3976.