During the COVID-19 pandemic, Article 16 clinics and IPSIDD providers utilized telehealth, to the extent appropriate, to ensure continuity of care for the individuals they serve. 

As the service environment moves towards the resumption of in person encounters, IAC members are anxious that the utilization of telehealth will continue to be viewed as a viable service modality. 

And that ‘patient choice’ of telehealth will be available to individuals with I/DD, as it is now for the general population.

To that end, based on the experience gained during the pandemic, IAC in conjunction with the members of the Clinic Committee created this White Paper which was given to OPWDD for their consideration. 

The recommendations contained in this paper are consistent with best practices, as well as current Department of Health regulations and Mental Hygiene Law. 

This document (click on link below) was shared with the Provider Association’s Joint ID/DD Clinic Work Group and it was suggested that this Group might provide a forum for follow-up discussion. 

Building on Lessons Learned during the Pandemic: Utilizing Technology to Provide Care