State and Municipal Facilities (SAM) funding was approved for nonprofits

in last year’s budget. $385 million was made available. 

Here is the budget bill language: 

“For payment of the capital costs of construction, improvement, rehabilitation or reconstruction of facilities owned by eligible entities; the acquisition of capital facilities and assets by eligible entities, including fixed capital assets; the acquisition by eligible entities of equipment and other capital assets, including vehicles, in support of health, safety, technology, or innovation; the acquisition by an eligible entity of capital assets with a useful life of not less than ten years purchased for the sole purpose of preserving  and  protecting infrastructure that is owned, controlled or appurtenant to an eligible entity, including but not limited to heavy duty road maintenance and construction vehicles, pavers, snow plows, street sweepers and heavy duty fire, emergency response and law enforcement vehicles; economic development projects sponsored by the state or municipal corporations, as defined in section 2 of the general municipal law, that will create or retain jobs in New York state as certified by the commissioner of the department of economic development; or environmental projects sponsored by the state or municipal corporations as defined in section 2 of  the general municipal law. Eligible entities shall consist of the state; municipal corporations as defined in section 2 of the general municipal law; sanitation districts; special districts; water and sewer districts; the Metropolitan Transportation Authority or any other public benefit corporation established pursuant to titles 11, 11-A, 11-B, 11-C, or 11-D of the public authorities law; a public benefit corporation as defined in section 4 of chapter 1016 of  the  laws  of  1969;  a college or university established pursuant to section 352 of the education law, section 6203 of the education law or section 6302 of the education law; an independent not-for-profit institution of higher education as defined in subdivision 2 of section 6401 of  the  education  law; public school  districts;  public housing authorities; public libraries and library systems chartered by the regents of the state of New York or established by an act of the legislature; public park conservancies or not-for-profit corporations organized for the purpose of investing in parks owned by the state or municipal corporations, as defined in section 2 of the general municipal law; not-for-profit fire districts, fire commissions, fire  companies, fire  departments, volunteer rescue and ambulance squads; special act school districts, schools for the blind and deaf and other students with disabilities subject to article 85 of the education law, and private schools for students with disabilities authorized pursuant to chapter 853 of the laws of 1976; and any other not-for-profit corporation or other not-for-profit entity.”

Contact your State Senator and Assemblymember to request funding for your organization

and have your detailed idea for the funding ready to discuss/present. 

Find your local State Senator and State Assemblymember 

Need help?  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your info and she will weigh in to support your requests.

The SAM awards are processed through DASNY, so some requirements may apply including use of M/WBE contractors.

DASNY does not impose minimum or maximum funding levels but the legislature and executive may impose their own award requirements.