2018 WRAP-UP


DSP Tool


In 2016 OPWDD issued a mandate that all DSP's be assessed annually.  In conjunction with this mandate, OPWDD provided an assessment tool in Excel spreadsheet format that includes over 100 different skills to be assessed.  Yikes!

Recognizing the difficulties our members would face in trying to meet this mandate, IAC - with a little help from its members, QSAC and HeartShare - created an environment which provides user friendly online forms, workflow reminders and reports.  The goal of the development was to offer users a format that was easy to use and supported compliance.  

So the IAC DSP Tool replaced the spreadsheet with a format where the header is auto-populated and it allows the user to click onto the rating score and enter comments and narrative as needed.  Even an online version of the OPWDD Interview Tool is provided so that a manager of DSP's working in non-certified settings can interview a family member or self-advocate over the phone, recording their responses directly into the system.  

Reminders leading up to the due date are sent to the managers and once the due date passes, both the manager and his/her supervisor is alerted to the fact that evaluation is now past due.  And an internal approval process lets the manager send the evaluation to his/her supervisor for review and approval - with both parties being alerted to the status of the process via email. 

Access to the DSP Tool requires that the user, i.e. staff who will be completing evaluations, observations or overseeing the evaluation process, have a license.  These licenses are offered to IAC MEMBERS ONLY at a cost of $45 each per year.  There is no additional charge based on the number of DSP's entered into the system, regardless of the number, and the only other cost is a one-time set-up fee of $100.

Suzanne Timmerhans, IAC Associate Executive Director of Management Services, provides technical support, including uploading DSP information and transferring caseloads, as well as ongoing webinar training.  If you are interested in hearing more about the tool or wish to schedule a demo for your decision-makers, contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

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