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IAC Learning Management System

IAC Learning Management System

In January, 2014 IAC launched its LMS platform which offers IAC MEMBERS ONLY access to the Relias Learning Management system and its many libraries of courses, at significantly reduced costs. 

For as little as $ 17.75 for an annual licensure fee per user, an agency can have full access to the functionality of the Relias system including the ability to load their own content, track both online and live training, and issue certificates.  These features support the documentation of training provided to staff and related reporting features allow the agency to assess their own compliance. 

As an added bonus, IAC provides all users with access to courses IAC has created based on OPWDD and other standardized content covering a variety of topics including courses for Board of Director members.  Auto-enrollment into these courses will ensure that staff are exposed to training in such topics as fire safety both at time of hire and annual as indicated. 

IAC member agencies can, for additional costs, subscribe to any of the Relias libraries including the popular I/DD library which offers over 300 relevant courses including Personal Outcome Measures training courses created by CQL.  These courses not only provide basic information for new hires, they also build on the skills long-term staff have mastered.

If you are interested in hearing more about the LMS, IAC pricing on the various libraries or wish to schedule a demo for your decision-makers, contact Suzanne Timmerhans, IAC Associate Executive Director of Management Services at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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