UPDATED: 8/20/2018

Following the conclusion of the Telehealth Work Group, OPWDD has issued the proposed modifications to the 14 NYCRR Part 679 regulations that govern Article 16 clinic providers. As discussed within the Work Group, the proposed language minimally modifies the current Part 679 regulations and only to the extent necessary to authorize the use of Telehealth as an approved service medium.

Clarification of IPSIDD's role in the provision of telehealth was provided.  IPSIDD providers can use telehealth for service provisiion but will only be reimbursed at the standard clinic rate - not the enhanced IPSIDD rate. 

The proposed regulations allow Article 16 clinic providers to offer Telehealth as an option to its patients who can receive these services in “his/her residence or other temporary location”. It also extends the allowed location of the service provider to “either at the main clinic site certified by OPWDD or at a certified satellite site”.

Additional guidance and regulations specific to Telehealth is expected to be issued in the Fall - possibly by the end of October. Based on the Work Group discussion and review of proposed documents, these will stipulate standards re: provision and documentation of telehealth services that will ensure choice, privacy and meaningful use.

OPWDD expects to issue a Handbook and Billing Guidance, which will be incorporated into the Provider Manual for Article 16 Clinics, by the end of October - at which time Article 16 providers will be able to utilize and bill for telehealth services.

Article 28 clinics will need to wait for the issuance of the Medicaid policy to be issued by DOH before they will be able to utilize telehealth.  This is expected by end of December.


Comments on the Part 679 proposed regulation modifications are due by October 8, 2018.

Click here for memo and text of proposed regulations