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 After COVID-19 service providers will find they are operating in a 'New Normal', not only one populated with social distancing and face masks,but one in which regulations, funding mechanism and other elements of the service environment will be different. 

Below is a listing of guidance and announcements that will provide service providers with information about these changes and their impact on agencies and the individuals they serve.



10.21.2021 Care Coordination E-visory

NYS Draft Spending Plan to Support HCBS Services - Pending Final Approval from CMS

10.10.2021 Return to work - Exposed Staff Attestation

 10.10.2021 Updated Return to Work Guidance

9.30.2021 Alert on Use of Mechanical Lifts

9.24.2021 FAQ on OPWDD Face Covering Mandate

9.17.2021 Revised IRA Audit Protocol

9.16.2021 Governor's Announcement on Masks and other Precautions 

9.16.2021 Update of July ADM on Masks

9.16.2021 OPWDD Face Covering Mandate

9.2.2021 Updated Return to Work Guidance and CDC Resources Available

8.27.2021 New ADM for Brokers

8.26.2021 ADM for Family Care

8.26.2021 Family Care Manual

OPWDD Webinar on August 31, 2021 Residential Programs and IRMA reporting on COVID-19

8.25.2021 Guidance on Background Checks

Facility Guidance for Tropical Storm for Intermediate Care Facilities

Final Revision: Effective 7/1/2021 Staff Action Plan Program & Billing Requirements

8.2.2021 Services Options Post PHE Memo

 7.28.2021 Service Documentation for Assistive Technology, E-MOD, and V-MOD Services Provided to Individuals Enrolled in OPWDD HCBS Waiver

7.28.2021 Ability to use Technology to Remotely Deliver Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS)

7.28.2021 Requirements for Community Habilitation-Residential (CH-R) services delivered in the Individual’s Certified Residence

7.9.2021 Revised Level of Supervision standards

7.2.2021 Revised interim guidance regarding use of telehealth

7.2.2021 Post emergency re-opening guidance

5.17.2021 Guidance on quarantine of residents exposed to COVID-19

Updated Guidance on HCBS Respite under Children's Waiver

6.25.2021 DOH Updated Guidance on Telehealth

6.24.2021 Updated Guidance on Training, Re-certification and Background Checks 

6.16.2021 OPWDD Updates a Number of Regulations

Effective 6.8.2021 CSIDD Services can no longer be provided in a residential school

Revised COVID-19 Guidance Related to Visitation, Community Outings, In-Person Day Services, Staffing and Return to Work

Updated Interim Training and Recertification Guidance

4.16.2021 DQI to Resume Routine Activites

4.9.2021 Placement and Hearing Procedures 

FAQ on Day Program Retainer Program - Updated

4.1.2021 Extension of HCBS Appendix K Waiver Amendment

3.30.2021 Updated Interim COVID-19 Guidance Related to Visitation and Day Services

3.30.2021 Updated Interim COVID-19 Guidance Related to Staff Return to Work and Training & Recertification

3.26.2021 OPWDD Weekly Vaccination Data Collection & Reporting

3.5.2021 Duration Day for Day Habilitation

11.5.2020 Guidance re: Return to Day Program for Willowbrook Members

Revised 3.15.2021: Visitation Guidance for Residential Facilities

Extended Relief for Providers of Day Habilitation & Site-based PreVocational Services

More Information on Statewide Standardization of Level of Supervision

Implementation of Standard Authorization Process for CH Delayed

1.6.2021 OPWDD Issues ADM on Crisis Services for Indivduals with I/DD (CSIDD)

12.31.2020 Special Allowance re: Annual Prevocational Assessment during NYS PHE

12.30.2020 Additional OPWDD Guidelines on Consent Process for Vaccine 

Effective 12.29.2020 OPWDD Emergency/Proposed Regulation on Medical Consent

12.28.2020 Prioritization of Essential Healthcare & Direct Support Personnel as well as High Risk Individuals

 Effective 1/6/2021 - Crisis Services for Individuals with I/DD - Adopted Regulations

Levels of Supervision - Full Guidance and more

12.15.2020 Allowance re: lunch time at Day Hab extended to end of PHE

12.3.2020 PROPOSED Change to 633 re: Consensus Rulemarking Regulations

11.10.2020 Updated OPWDD Guidance on Staffing and Return to Work

11.3.2020 Latest Extension of PHE in NY State

9.28.2020 CMS Guidance related to Emergency Preparedness Testing Exercises Requirements

10.28.2020 COVID-19 Interim Guidance on Visitation

Info on Webinar on November 9th re: COVID-19 Proactive Testing & IRMA Entry

10.29.2020 IRMA Entry of Proactive COVID-19 Coronavirus Testing Data

10.20.2020 NYS Case Extension

10.23.2020 Important Health Advisory and Guidance for Congreagate Facilities

 10.23.2020 Removal of Total Services Amount Hold for Self Direction Budgets

10.25.2020 OPWDD Protocol for Reporting Impact of COVID-19

10.20.2020 OPWDD Housing Subsidy Guidance: Housing Subsidy Certification and Recertification Requirements Purpose

10.22.2020 Addition to 14 NYCRR Part 635-16

10.22.2020 Adopted Regulations: Admendments to 14 NYCRR Parts 619, 624, 625, 633 and 635

10.22.2020 Emergency regulations - Operating Certificates for Care Coordination and Crisis Intervention Services

 10.6.2020 Chart of allowances for HCBS and timeframe each allowance is in effect.

10.2.2020 DQI to Start Audits of Non-ICF Programs

10.1.2020 CMS Approves Waiver Amendment

9.29.2020 Memo Re; Impact of 20% cut on Supported Employment

Substantive Regualtions for CSIDD (formerly START, eff. 10/1/2020)

9.21.2020 Performing Nursing Services & Duties Remotely in OPWDD Certified Programs & Settings

9.18.2020 - Interim Billing Guidance Regarding ICF Day Services, eff. 7/1/2020 - 10/4/2020

9.18.2020 - Revised Interim Guidance Regarding Care Planning Activities

9/17/2020 Post Day Service Retainer Program Flexibilities Webinar FAQs

9/15/2020 - COVID-19 Interim Guidance Regarding Non-Emergency Site Visits of Certified Facilities

9/3/2020 - OPWDD Interim COVID-19 Guidance Regarding Supported Employment

9/3/2020 - OPWDD Interim COVID-19 Guidance Regarding Respite

9/3/2020 OPWDD Interim COVID-19 Guidance Regarding Pathway to Employment

9/3/2020 - OPWDD Revised COVID-19 Guidance for Prevocational Services

9/2/2020 - OPWDD Revised COVID-19 Guidance for Community Habilitation

9/3/2020 - OPWDD Revised COVID-19 Guidance for Day Habilitation


8.17.2020 OPWDD Update: Community Outings for Individuals in Residential Programs

OPWDD Changes Telephonic Interpretation Vendor - Provider Action Required

PCR Documentation Request

 Document Request for Person Centered Reviews

Answers to Questions Posed to OPWDD on Retainer Days and Other Issues

NYDA's Emergency Dept. Discharge Protocol for People with I/DD Living in Residential Programs

7.1.2020 Final COVID-19 IRMA Guidance 

MRT II Proposes Amending PCS and CDPAP Services

Visitations in Residences to Begin Again

Draft HCBS Waiver Amendment Overview Webinar

Draft SIP-PL Qualification Document

Public Feedback Period on Draft SIP-PL extended to June 25

5.29.2020 Summary of Provider Association Call with OPWDD on NYS Registry Public Notice

1915(c) Waiver Amendment Public Comment Period Announcement, June 1 - July 1, 2020

Application for a 1915(c) Home and Community Based Services Waiver

IRA-ICF NonBillable Days Survey - Due June 12

5.27.2020 Occupancy Adjustment Language