ACCES-VR is pleased to announce the appointment of two new Regional Coordinators and the restructuring of the District Offices they will supervise. 

Rebecca Robinson-Lawrence is the Regional Coordinator for NYC and provides oversight of:

  • Manhattan District Office
    • Harlem Satellite Office
    • Staten Island Satellite Office
  • Bronx District Office
  • Brooklyn District Office
  • Queens District Office

Linda Schramm is the Regional Coordinator for Region 2 and provides oversight of:

  • Albany District Office
  • Mid-Hudson District Office
  • Malone District Office

In addition, Veronica Rose-Craig will continue in her role as Regional Coordinator, but will be responsible for oversight of:

  • Hauppauge District Office
  • Garden City District Office
  • White Plains District Office

The next time you engage with Rebecca and Linda, please congratulate them.  Thank you 

Ray Pierce

Coordinator of Service Delivery