IATS oversees the transportation of over 6,000 adults with developmental disabilities daily to and from day programs throughout the Greater New York Metropolitan area.

IATS, a contract transportation system which offers centralized oversight and coordination, as well as standardized fiscal and operational procedures, as created in 2006 in response to a system in disarray.

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 To realize its Mission "to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of adults with developmental disabilities to and from their day service programs", the InterAgency Transportation System provides:

  • Oversight of the bus companies, including inspection of their vehicles and review of their personnel files to verify all clearance, training and licensure requirements are met;
  • Live call-in service, from te first pick-up in the morning until the last drop-off in the evening, so that both the program staff and families always have someone to speak with and have their concerns answered;
  • Route management so that individuals are not subject to long rides or overcrowded buses;
  • Compliance assurance by resolving complaints and facilitating the incident reporting process; and
  • A centralized contracting process allows IATS to secure the best pricing and service options for its members through a bid process that meets all standards of due diligence.