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8.3.2020 The Protecting Nonprofits from Catastrophic Cash Flow Strain Law Singed 

8.4.2020 Update on Provider Relief Funds for Medicaid and CHIP

PPP Forgiveness Application on Hold

7.27.2020 Main Srreet Lending Launches NonProfit Organization Loan Programs

7.22.2020 Request Extension by Email for Calendar Year 2019 CFR

Survey Extension until July 24, 2020 for Non-Billalble Days Adjustment

OPWDD Announcement - End of Day Service Retainer Program

7.17.2020 CMS Announcement on Provider Relief Fund

7.17.2020 Provider Relief Portal Update

OPWDD Memo: Previously Approved 2% Compensation Increases

7.16.2020 HHS Relief Fund FAQ and Guidance

Brief Update on HHS Webinar

Fact Sheet for Medicaid/CHIP Provider Relief Fund

7.6.2020 FAQ on Retainer Day and Group Community Hab - R

6.30.2020 CMS FAQs on Retainer Payments - see page 23

PPP Application Deadline Extended

NYSED Extends Due Date of Fiscal Year 2019-2020 CFR

6.22.2020 Latest Update on PPP

IRS Alert: Economic Impact Payments

Supervised IRA (Group CH-R) Billing Instructions

Social Security & COVID-19

FAQ Day Service Retainer Program

 More on the HHS Provider Relief Fund

Economic Incentive Payment Treatment by Benefit Paying Programs

SSI,SSD,SNAP, Personal Allowance & Rent

HHS Announces Enhanced Provider Portal

Key Points of Legislation on PPP Awaiting President's Signature 

5.28.2020 Recording of Q&A on Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

HHS CARES Act Provider Relief Fund

5.13.2020 PPP FAQs

SBA FAQ # 46

NYSED COVID-19 FEMA Claiming Guidance

SBA Information on PPP and more

4.28.2020 PPP Update / Baker Tilly

4.23.2020 FAQs Update on Paycheck Protection Program

PowerPoint 4.21.2020 Day Program Retainer Payment Funding

Webinar 4.23.2020 - COVID-19 Nonprofit Leadership Roundtable

Webinar 4.15.2020 - Use of PPP Funds

Webinar 4.13.2020 - Special Needs Providers Navigating COVID-19

Webinar 4.13.2020 - Tax Strategies for your COVID-19 Recovery Plan

Webinar 4.14.2020 Where's the Money?

Webinar 4.15.2020 COVID-19 Leave Consideration Forum

Performance Requirements for Not-for-Profits 

4.8.2020 PPP FAQs -UPDATED

Video of webinar on Small Business Loan Guidance

Interim Regulations for PPP

IAC Accountants Ready to Assist with SBA Loans

Below are links to the two webcasts on the Stimulus Package

They are very informative with specific details on practical applications.

Part 1:

Part 2: