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The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) will begin conducting reviews to ensure that all provider agencies and fiscal intermediaries (FI) are in compliance with all Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) data submission and attestation requirements. The NYSDOH will contact provider agencies and FIs as necessary to remediate for missing EVV data and EVV Attestations.

The NYSDOH will use the following emails to contact provider agencies and FIs:

    • Provider Enrollment email on file with eMedNY 
    • If available, the provider email submitted with an EVV Attestation

The NYSDOH encourages provider agencies and FIs to ensure updated contact information is on file with the NYSDOH by reviewing eMedNY provider profiles and the eMedNY Attestation portal.If you have questions or concerns on how to update your eMedNY Enrollment or Attestation email address, please contact the eMedNY call center at (800) 343-9000 for assistance.It is essential that all contact information is up to date to ensure receipt of required remediation.

using evv

  DOH has specified trainng for both service provider and service recipient. 

  Be sure to read through these requirements and comply with them fully. 

  You should check with your EVV system vendor as they may provide training that meets at least some of these requirements, if not all.

View EVV Training Requirements


The original deadline for the EVV Training Requirements has been updated and extended. The new deadline for meeting the minimum training requirements has been extended from August 1, 2021 to October 1, 2021.Please be reminded that included in the Program Guidelines and Requirements document are the minimum training requirements that provider agencies and fiscal intermediaries must adhere to when training their EVV system staff and caregivers.EVV training requirements are subject to change based on Federal and State requirements. Please review the training requirements in the Program Guidelines and Requirements document on the Department of Health EVV Website. 


New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) has chosen the EVV Choice Model which allows providers to select an EVV system of their choosing. The Choice Model allows providers flexibility to meet the needs of their business and the needs of the consumers they serve.

NYSDOH provides guidance to providers for selecting an EVV system. This guidance is available on the on the EVV Website, EVV System Selection Considerations.

NYSDOH must ensure that providers have met the requirements of the 21st Century Cures act, CMS Guidance, and the NYSDOH EVV Program Guidelines. NYSDOH is requiring an attestation be submitted from Providers/Fiscal Intermediaries who are subject to EVV acknowledge that:

  • They are in compliance and will comply with the Cures Act
  • They are complying with NYS Requirements
  • They have provided and will continue to provide Caregivers and EVV Submitters training on their EVV system of choice
  • They understand their obligations for submitting data to the Medicaid Management Information System, also known as eMedNY
  • They understand they need to maintain records and documentation for Live-in caregivers
  • They may be audited by NYS OMIG or DOH Compliance Reviews

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