9.14.2020 IAC Recommendations for Education Providers Preparing to Reopen Schools

9.17.2020 OPWDD Webinar on Return to Day Services and Choice

8.25.2020 Additional Reqauirement for Day Program Reopening

OPWDD COVID-19 Plain Language

OPWDD Interim Guidance for Article 16 Clinic

Supplemental Guidance for PreK-12 (Applies to our Schools, too)

NYS Quarantine Rules for both Essential and Non-Essential Workers

Before you re-open, know the 6 Steps for Safe & Effective Disinfectant Use

7.29.2020 OPWDD Updated Guidance on Return to Work

7.27.2020 SED Survey for 4410 Programs

7.27.2020 SED Survey for 853 Programs

7.27.2020 SED School Reopening Plans

7.22.2020 DOH Guidance for Office-Based Work

 NYSED Reopening Guidance

NYS DOH Guidance on In-Person Instruction

7.22.2020 SED FAQs on School Reopening

New CDC Guidance on Reopening Schools

PowerPoint of Group Child Care Reopening Training

PDF Version of COVID-19 Safety Plan for Certified Day Program Reopening

Special Conditions applied to Willowbrook Class Members return to Day Programs

AADMD COVID-19 Support Guidelines for Individuals with I/DD

Full SED Guidance Document on Opening Schools in September

7.16.2020 SED Guidance on Reopening Schools

7.16.2020 Revised Guidance on Reopening Day Programs

7.15.2020 FAQs on Day Program Reopening

7.15.2020 DP Safety Plan Template

7.15.2020 Day Program Site Attestation

Answers to Questions Posed to OPWDD on Retainer Days and Other Issues

NYS Business Reopening Safety Plan Template

7.10.2020 OPWDD Guidance on Reopening Day Programs

NYC Group EI Provider Requirements

CAMP VENTURE Shares Protocol and Plan for Individuals Returning to Work

NYC Plans to Reopen Child Care Centers

NY Association for Pupil Transportation on Resuming Transportation Operations

CDC Guidance on Re-opening Facilities to Provide Non-emergent Healthcare

Interim Guidance on Re-opening Offices

Considerations for Reopening of Schools

List of COVID-19 Government Guidance 

6.5.2020 OPWDD Updated Return to Work Guidance following Exposure or Infection

Punch List for Reopening Day Program - shared with IAC by P. Sherrand, AHRC Nassau

School Reopen Project

Residential Referral, Movement & Admission Forms

 NYS Reopening Website

NY Forward Safety Plan Template / NYS DOH

Childcare, Schools, and Youth Programs / CDC

Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19, OSHA

Latest Information from MTA