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Medicaid Service Coordinators Centralized Overview of Rules and Expectations

Date(s): Thursday, September 14, 2017, 09:00am - 04:30pm

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Presenter: Douglas Triebel

Member Pricing: $75

Non-Member Pricing: $75

Registration Deadline: 2017-09-15


The MSC Core training offers an introduction to developmental disabilities and an overview of the services and supports available to people with developmental disabilities. The structure, role and mission of OPWDD is outlined, as are the fundamental guiding philosophies of the OPWDD service system: individual satisfaction, community inclusion and person centered approach to services. The training alsofocuses on the practical aspects of service coordination. All participants are required to pre-read sections one (1) through five (5) of the Medicaid Service CoordinationCentralized Overview of Rules and Expectations (CORE) Participant Manual prior to training day and bring the entire manual with them to training. Copies will not be provided. As per state requirements, the hard copy manual and pre-reading are required for participant admittance



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