Ground Rules & Disclaimers     
Registration is offered on a first-come/ first-served basis.  Registrants attempting to register after a course has been filled can be placed on the Wait List by continuing registration.  
The IAC will not take any training/event registration over the phone. 
Registration fees are constructed at the discretion of the IAC and can change at any time without prior notice.
The courses offered through the InterAgency Council Training Institute are open to employees of agencies that provide services and supports to individuals with developmental disabilities in the New York City metropolitan area.  All certification courses (e.g. First Aid, CPR, Approved Medication Administration Personnel [AMAP], Strategies for Crisis Intervention & Prevention [SCIP]), are taught by highly trained experienced and certified personnel only.  Expiration dates of all instructors' certifications are monitored and renewed as needed.  In some instances, access to courses is restricted to specified personnel (e.g. AMAP, SCIP-R); please review instructions in the course description carefully. 
Registration Payments & Refunds
Payment for registration, in full by credit card, is due at time of registration.  Only IAC members, pre-approved for "Bill Me Later" status, will have the ability to select "Bill Me Later" option without having to provide payment at the time of registration.  IAC members must be logged into member agency account in order to access the member rate and the "Bill Me Later" option.
Training/Event for "Members Only"
Registrants, wishing to register for a "Members Only" event, are required to provide username and password information before access to the event can be provided.  Login information can be obtained from the agency contact (e.g. Executive Director, Program Director, Director of Training, Supervisor, etc.).  The IAC is not responsible, under any circumstances, to delineate login information to agency employees. 
If your agency is not a member of IAC and wishes to become a member visit the Become a Member section of our website.
Attendance & Certification
Attendance at all days of a multi-day course is mandatory for certification. 
Registrants should be aware of the class location (e.g. Name of Venue, Address, and Transportation) prior to the day of training.  Training locations can be found on our website or can be obtained by contacting our Training Department at (212) 645-6360.  For your convenience, please allow for extra travel time to ensure timely arrival at trainings.  Registrants arriving late may not be admitted into class.  Admission, following lateness, is at the discretion of the course instructor.
At each training, it is mandatory for participants to sign the sign-in sheet.  Failure to do so will result in assumed absenteeism.  Absenteeism waives the right to receive certification or course materials for the registered course. 
(Applies to AMAP, SCIP, CPR, First Aid, and any training where testing is required for certification)
Where testing is required for a course certification, a score of 80% or better is required for certification.  In the event that the trainee does not achieve an 80% score, trainers may permit re-testing if time and scheduling permit, but are not required to do so.  If the trainee has not received 80% when testing opportunities are completed, the trainee will receive a Certificate of Attendance rather than a certification of completion, and must re-enroll if they wish to be fully certified. 
The IAC Training Institute May Cancel Courses...
In Case of Inclement Weather
In case of inclement weather, please call the IAC message center at (212) 645-6360 after 6:00am.  If the class has been cancelled, there will be a recorded message indicating the cancellation and giving instructions for re-scheduling.  This information will also be spotlighted on our website.  If there is no message, then class will meet as scheduled. 
Insufficient Registration
Classes with insufficient registration may be subject to cancellation.  If so, registrants will be notified at least 48 business hours prior to scheduled training date and given a priority status for re-registration in another class. 
In certain instances (e.g. trainer illness, etc.) it may be necessary for the IAC to call for an emergency cancellation.  In the event of emergency cancellations, registrants will be contacted immediately by phone, email, and fax and will be provided with information and instructions for re-scheduling.