IACTI offers cost-effective in-service training
Campaign to Highlight Importance of Medicaid
Name the Ferry for Bernard
Update on #bFair2DirectCare
Our Legislators heard us
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Written on 05/01/2017, 13:44
workers-compensation-reformWorkers Compensation Reform The final State budget included reforms that will reduce Workers Compensation costs for employers.  These...
Written on 05/01/2017, 13:53
trends-from-dqi-on-45-60-day-lettersTrends from DQI on 45-60 Day Letters Recently, we received anecdotal feedback from members indicating that there has been an increase in the issuance of...
Written on 05/01/2017, 13:43
more-albany-newsMore Albany News! With just 9 weeks till the end of the legislative session, in addition to continuing to work to strengthen our schools, we are watching...