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COPA HR Conference

People First Forums - April 2018
OPWDD is holding forums on the transition to CCO's.
Make Early Learning Top Priority
We are happy to share this report from Center for Children's Initiatives
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Annual Conference

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Written on 03/15/2018, 11:13
scis-tuition-methodology-meeting-sed-reveals-potential-receommendationsSCIS TUITION METHODOLOGY MEETING – SED REVEALS POTENTIAL RECOMMENDATIONS   On March 1, 2018, SED held a meeting of the SCIS Tuition Methodology...
Written on 03/15/2018, 11:30
don-t-forget-the-board-resolution-approving-a-new-capital-projectsDON’T FORGET THE BOARD RESOLUTION APPROVING A NEW CAPITAL PROJECTS It should be standard practice at agency board meetings to present new capital...
Written on 03/15/2018, 11:31
nyc-capacity-management-meetings-schedule-for-2018NYC CAPACITY MANAGEMENT MEETINGS SCHEDULE FOR 2018 The Capacity Management (a/k/a, Vacancy Management) meetings for each of the NYC boroughs are the...