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2018 WRAP-UP


NYN Media Article on Salary Disparity
NYN Media publishes an op-ed on the salary disparity issue
IAC now open to business
IAC has revised its by-laws and expanded the definition of membership eligibility
IAC Committee Meetings 2018-2019
September is just around the corner which means the IAC Committees begin meeting.
Proposed Regulations Approve Telehealth
OPWDD has issued proposed modifications to the regulations that govern Article 16 Clinics that authorize them to utilize Telehealth.
Sea of Yellow
Hundreds of Teachers, Teacher Assistants and Parents (some with their kids in strollers) came to the Town Hall / Rally on June 25th
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Written on 05/10/2018, 11:14
update-on-higher-needs-funding-workgroupUPDATE ON HIGHER NEEDS FUNDING WORKGROUP As part of the 03 waiver amendment, OPWDD has proposed changes to the Higher Needs Funding Methodology and...
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nysed-posts-huge-regional-need-request-for-preschool-special-education-seats-in-new-york-cityNYSED Posts Huge Regional Need Request for Preschool Special Education Seats in New York City On April 18, 2018 SED posted a new Regional Need Request...