Pick Your Mandate - CMS, OSHA or NYC - one or more may apply!
VaxFacts: Engage & Educate - A project to increase access to/understanding of information about COVID vaccines among persons with I/DD and their families
Advocacy Events, Informational Sessions and Forums for Providing Feedback are happending all the time
The Calendar of Committee and other Meetings Scheduled for this Week - These meetings are open to IAC members only and are conducted, at this time, on Zoom
Change In Process - The NEW NORMAL of the future is now being defined by OPWDD through issuance of guidance, new regulations and other announcements
OPWDD Weekly Call Notes Provided by IAC Executive Director, Thomas McAlvanah
Need to speak to someone at a CCO? Who are you going to call? View the CCO Contact Lists and other information
2022 Virtual Lobbying for IAC Members
IAC is helping to make a better world for people with I/DD by working with its members located throughout New York State. With over 150 members, IAC is the largest provider association in New York for non-profit agencies that support individuals with I/DD.
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Our mission is to create value by providing tools for our members to succeed. To fulfill our mission, IAC offers a broad range of specialized services, many of which are available exclusively for our members.
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Our vision is for IAC to be the go-to destination to enable excellence in the I/DD service system for children and adults in New York State. Therefore, IAC offers a variety of membership opportunities for both service providers and companies that support their mission.
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Training Schedule
Training Schedule
IAC offers a full schedule of trainings to meet your needs.
This Week's Events
This Week's Events
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